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About Mendoza & ICT

Having a privileged location within the Central Bioceanic Transit Route, Mendoza has grown steadily in recent years, achieving a diversified productive matrix and concentrating the main productive activities in western Argentina. Mendoza is among the provinces with the highest relative development in the country, and stands out for its human capital, infrastructure, natural resources and its local government´s commitment to development.
Mendoza is well known for its agricultural production and the industrialization of raw materials such as vines, fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the quality of its vineyards and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, it is a world leader in the production and marketing of wines.
Besides all these economical activities, there is the metalworking industry, construction, trading and services, as well as information development and communication technologies. Mendoza's natural beauty together with a good hotel infrastructure and high-level services make it an exceptional tourist destination. Other activities such as oil drilling, mining and energy are also relevant in Mendoza's productive matrix.

Regarding ICT, Mendoza is one of the leading provinces in Argentina. It stands out in the infrastructure indicator (1st place) as well as in the access and use in education (3rd place). Along with Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe, it concentrates 82.7% of all households with Internet in the country and 82.6% of broadband access.

Strategic ICT Plan

Mendoza has a strategic plan for ICT development. This plan consists of:

● Developing qualified Human Resources
● Supporting the promotion of R&D
● Achieving international quality and competitiveness standards
● Achieving the internationalization of companies in the sector

Reasons to invest in the ICT sector in Mendoza

● Internationally competitive local industry.
● Sustained growth of the market and local infrastructure.
● Regulatory framework favourable to investment.
● Qualified human capital.
● Dedicated technology park.
● R&D Promotion.
● Support from the Government of Mendoza.

Source: Mendoza INVEST

About the ICT Park

Mendoza's ICT Park was created to join companies in the technology sector, generating synergy and maximizing resources, as well as promoting Mendoza as an outstanding technological hub at a national and international level.
Important projects are taking place in the Park, together with software development and export companies. The most prestigious universities, and innovative educational initiatives such as “Infinito x descubrir”, the ICT Mendoza laboratory, the Mendoza Tech program, among others, placing the province and the country at a high level of global changes in technology.
Companies such as Everis, IT, Softnuvo, COLSA, ITC Soluciones, are already operating in the Mendoza ITC Park.

Source: Mendoza INVEST

About Us

We are an ICT company that offers the latest solutions to the new technology needs. We have highly trained personnel and more than 20 years in the business.
We are proud to have participated from the outset in the group of entrepreneurs who devised and carried out the Mendoza ICT Technology Park project.
We are known for developing turnkey projects of ICT projects (design, installation, configuration and commissioning).

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Eduardo is an Electronics and Electricity Engineer who graduated from the University of Mendoza. He has developed his work activity in different technology companies in the province, serving throughout his career as President of the Informatics Chamber of the Regional Interior Cuyo, member of the Board of Directors of the Economic Federation of Mendoza, member of the Board of Directors of the IDICTS. (InstICTuto de Desarrollo Industrial, Tecnológico y de Servicios), President of the TIC Mendoza Pole and Executive Director of the Federal Council of Entities of Software and Computer Services CFESSI. Eduardo currently serves as President of Softnuvo S.A.

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